We bring your ideas to the street

GERMANEERS GmbH is a de­velop­ment ser­vice pro­vider and a pro­duc­tion shop with­in one com­pany.

We pro­vide sub­sys­tems and com­plete sys­tems - from the ini­tial idea to the con­cep­tion, de­sign, con­struc­tion, model making, elec­tro­nics develop­ment, soft­ware develop­ment, pro­duc­tion and in­te­gra­tion in exis­ting vehicle sys­tems.

Short develop­ment times, flexi­bility and a high stan­dard of quality set us apart. Vehicle and elec­tronics manu­facturers at home and abroad appre­ciate our exper­tise, our ex­cellent tech­nical implemen­tation and the appealing and high-quality appear­ance of our products.