We look forward to receiving your application!

Are you an en­gi­n­eer, soft­ware de­ve­lo­per, me­chanic or me­chani­cal en­gi­neer with or with­out per­ma­nent em­ploy­ment? Looking for a new chall­enge?

GERMANEERS is on course for growth and offers ex­ten­sive de­ve­lop­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties within a pros­pering com­pany. No­table cus­to­mers, pio­neer­ing pro­jects, vary­ing as­sign­ments and in­te­gra­tion of the la­test tech­no­lo­gy make us an at­trac­tive em­plo­yer. In our dy­na­mic team, we work with flat hier­ar­chies and learn from each oth­er and from each task. Every em­ployee shapes the com­pany. We have lots more plan­ned for the fu­ture!

We wel­come appl­icants with app­ro­pri­ate train­ing - whether young or old, with or with­out work - ex­per­ien­ce. Aver­age grades do not mat­ter as much as real skills and a ge­nuine en­thusiasm for the sub­ject. Fle­xi­bi­lity, wil­lingn­ess to learn, moti­va­tion, in­de­pen­dence, team­work and re­lia­bili­ty are a must.

Inter­es­ted? Find out about our Vacan­cies and apply with a Web­cam Short Appli­cation or an Online Appl­ication. We also wel­come specu­la­tive app­li­ca­tions!